Let's see, I'm a 26 year old Psych major at CSUS. I want to be a Marital Family Therapist so I can help families, maybe specializing in domestic violence. I also might wanna go into college guidance counseling. I love to help people.

I like to read, watch movies, play music, work on puzzles, talk, shop, meet new people, hang by the ocean, tell and share jokes, learn new things

I love almost any subject, as long as its not math or science. I'm independent, opinionated, loyal, funny, sympathetic, and very political. I love animals. I can also talk your ears off if I feel comfortable with you. Oh and by the way I'm a Scorpio. As you can tell I'm also pretty random.

Politically speaking, I'm far left - I support socialism and communism. When it comes to international politics, I support the right to self-determination, even if that means supporting non-communist systems.

I'm going to be transitioning to a raw vegan lifestyle...should be interesting. So pardon me if you start to see more food posts :P
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Meanwhile, at the White House #VPDebates #Biden #ryan #politics (Taken with Instagram)

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